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The status of student loan debts in the United States

If you've been reading the news lately, it appears that out-of-control student loan debt is the dirge of American society. In fact, many are worried that unpaid student loans in default could bring down the American economy in a way that's much worse than the real estate market collapse of 2008.

What's the most predominant reason for bankruptcy filings?

If you're facing the threat of bankruptcy, you might be curious how you got into your current debt circumstances, or you might know exactly the reason why. Interestingly, the predominant reason why Americans end up filing for bankruptcy is due to medical debt. The fact is, when faced with a life-threatening medical condition, the decision to go into debt is easy to make when it's a question of life and death.

Are you being harassed by creditors about unpaid debts?

You would think they'd go away eventually, but when your credit card company sells your debt to a debt collection agency, they can be relentless. They'll call your family members, and even embarrass you at your work. You might try to change your phone number and other details, but they'll still find you.

What kinds of Chapter 7 bankruptcy exemptions are available?

Although many King County residents may believe so, Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings do not involve the liquidation of all your property. You'll be able to retain much of your personal property -- if not the vast majority of it -- due to the fact that a lot of your property will be exempt.

Under what conditions could your debt discharge be denied

Just because you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn't mean that your bankruptcy process will be a success. In fact, although they're rare -- and only happen about 1 percent of the time -- there are some circumstances in which a bankruptcy discharge could be denied. This article will review some of those circumstances so you can be sure to avoid them in your own Chapter 7 process.

Bankruptcy in history: What is the origin of bankruptcy?

The ability to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and have one's financial slate -- for all intents and purposes -- wiped clean could feel like a miracle to those who benefit from the process. This certainly begs the question: What is the origin of bankruptcy and how did this legal option come to exist in our current system of laws?

What are the benefits of Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Most people look at Chapter 7 bankruptcy like it is the end of the world, but there are many benefits of the process that could change the average bankruptcy filer's mind. Indeed, Chapter 7 should not be looked at negatively. Those who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy are actually getting a fresh start on their finances, and they have the opportunity to dramatically reduce their stress and increase the quality of their financial lives.

What can a Chapter 7 lawyer help you with?

A Chapter 7 divorce lawyer can help you pursue relief from the debt challenges that are plaguing you. One of the the most important benefits of Chapter 7, which is also commonly referred to as "liquidation," is the fact that it can help a King County-area debtor eliminate the most varieties of debts. However, through the Chapter 7 process, a bankruptcy lawyer can also do the following things for a person suffering from debt problems:

Tips for getting a home loan after debt troubles

The United States has been experiencing a tremendous economic recovery in recent years, and some individuals who suffered from severe debt problems during the recession may be feeling confident to try and purchase a home. Fortunately, even if you filed for bankruptcy in the recent past, there's hope. If you have filed for bankruptcy or even gone through foreclosure proceedings, this article will provide some tips to help you purchase your dream home.

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