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September 2013 Archives

Credit card debt rises for American consumers

Credit card debt tends to follow economic trends in America. Though credit card debt was high in early 2008, it was still mostly sustainable, as the economy was strong. After the recession began later that year, however, credit card debt rose even higher as American consumers struggled to maintain their financial independence.

Debt collection scam nets millions

When a person falls into debt, it sometimes seems like one is being hounded by debt collection calls. Often, when a person owes debt to several different entities, the calls multiply, and it can be difficult to keep track of how much one owes, and to whom. It's a frustrating and stressful situation, one that a group of sophisticated scammers recently took advantage of.

Company accused of damaging occupied homes in foreclosure

Homeowners may declare bankruptcy for any number of reasons. In some cases, homeowners may have experienced a temporary setback such as a job loss. Others may have unexpected medical bills. Still others may have simply gotten in over their heads with debt.

Washington credit card debt is highest in region

As we mentioned in our previous post, credit card debt remains high for the average American. A recent report in the Washington Post, however, shows that the average credit card debt varies wildly from state to state. The national average is $4,965 of debt among people who carry a balance on their cards. In some states, however, borrowers tend to carry much more, and in others people tend to carry less. Unfortunately for Washington residents, our state stands near the top of the list; by far the most indebted state in the region.

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