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November 2013 Archives

Late credit card payments are on the rise

Most Americans are aware of the general sway of the U.S. Economy - whether it's up or it's down, growing quickly or slowly. Often, our debt levels reflect these trends. Indeed, economists use the national credit card debt figures as a way to determine valuable information about current economic trends.

Bankruptcy and student loans

For many people, student loans are likely the first large loan that they ever take out - fresh out of high school, thousands of students rely on public or private student loans to pay their way through college. After college, it can be a strain, in some cases, to repay these loans. This is especially problematic for young graduates because student loans are among the only debts that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

Rapper sees bankruptcy case thrown out of court

For people in Seattle, Washington, and around the country, declaring bankruptcy is often accompanied by a sigh of relief - after the months of struggling against rising debt, of enduring the calls of debt collectors and of straining to make ends meet, it can be a relief to take some action that one knows will eventually result in the elimination of most of one's debt.

Retail credit cards on the rise in Washington

For many people, credit cards are a convenience that allows them easy purchasing and access to valuable rewards programs. For others, however, credit cards pave the road to crushing consumer debt.

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