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December 2013 Archives

Debt relief needed for young, overtaxed families

Scores of young Americans are suffering from financial burdens including student loan debt, mortgage and car loans, and even overdue medical expenses. Even though the economy appears to be on the upswing, it can still be difficult for young Washington residents to make ends meet, especially when they have been spending above their means. For these individuals and families, debt relief is a critical topic that can make the difference between a bright future and one fraught with financial instability.

Debt relief coming for patients duped by CreditCare practices

Wouldn't you trust your doctor to set up a payment plan for your medical bills? Scores of patients throughout Washington and the rest of the nation did, but they faced almost certain financial ruin after accepting terms from the CareCredit initiative provided by many physicians. Now, victims of that scheme may be able to access debt relief money, which will compensate them for the deceptive practices used by the medical loan agency.

Dishonesty over debt leads to bankruptcy rejection

For most people filing personal and business bankruptcy, a general court proceeding is all they need to discharge years of damaging debt and begin rebuilding their credit. In some cases, though, debt is not so easily excused, especially if the filer is accused of criminal financial acts. One Illinois man is facing a bleak situation after his bankruptcy was effectively negated to promote creditor protection in his case.

This holiday season sees huge jump in layaway purchases

After the financial crisis of 2008, many Americans found that their finances were terribly overextended. They were mired in credit card debt, and, following a job loss or a pay cut, had no way to pay it down. Many of these Americans turned to bankruptcy as a way to emerge from under their heavy debt loads.

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