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August 2014 Archives

Why so many people are weighed down by credit card debt

Those no-good credit card companies -- they are always trying to cause problems for borrowers through nefarious and underhanded tactics. Many Washington residents who are suffering under the burden of credit card debt may have gotten into their current situation through little fault of their own. One of the main culprits: the pre-approved credit offers that tempt them into spending too much.

The danger of using payment agreements when negotiating debt

If you are one of the many Washington residents who is struggling to pay back large financial debts, you should know that you are not alone. Every day, creditors file lawsuits against consumers who owe unmanageable amounts of money. Consumers who face legal action are sometimes able to create a payment arrangement to keep the matter away from the courts, but this is not always effective. What do you do, then, to halt a creditor lawsuit with regards to your debt?

What documents do I need to obtain debt relief?

Those who are thinking about filing for bankruptcy are probably aware that this is not a minor financial matter with negligible consequences. Bankruptcy in Washington is a big decision that can affect your daily life by making borrowing more difficult. However, debt relief through bankruptcy can be the best financial option for some Washington residents.

Discharge dates differ with Chapter 7, 13 bankruptcies

Washington residents who have filed for bankruptcy are probably waiting with bated breath to find out when their official discharge date will arrive. The discharge is the final settlement, or formal forgiveness, of qualifying debts that occur after a bankruptcy petition has been fully processed. So, how do you know when your discharge date is set to occur? The answer can be different for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 filers.

1 in 3 Americans may need debt relief from collections accounts

If you are one of the many Americans who are facing calls from collections agencies, you are not alone. Would you believe that more than one out of every three Americans has a debt or unpaid bill that has been sent to collections? Consumers fall behind on medical costs, credit cards and even student loans or gym memberships, prompting the need for comprehensive debt relief. In too many cases, though, consumers do not receive the financial help they need.

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