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August 2015 Archives

Washington bankruptcies by the numbers

When families or individuals are embroiled in financial battles, it often seems that they alone are struggling. While our culture today is more open about money matters, we still don't tend to discuss intimate financial details with others, which is why it might appear that everyone else is doing fine as we struggle. When you look at state bankruptcies by the numbers, however, you realize that you are not alone if you are going through this process.

Consolidating student loans to relieve debt loads

Student loans are a growing type of debt for adults across the country. With education expenses seemingly always on the rise and a competitive job market that requires unique training or degrees for many position, more and more people are coming out of their early twenties with debt from student loans. Those loans can plague individuals for decades, but there are options for student loan debt relief.

Can you keep a car loan during bankruptcy?

When facing bankruptcy, you might want to keep your car -- even if you are currently paying a car loan each month. The goal of bankruptcy is to help someone get out of debt enough to regain a financial foothold on life. For many people, keeping a working and reliable vehicle is required to maintain financial stability because the vehicle might be required to get to and from work or even perform work.

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