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What is the means test?

The means test is a two-part evaluation related to a person's income that determines whether that person can file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The two-part test involves a comparison of the person's income to the state median. If the income is higher than that median, then the person must pass the second part of the test to be able to file for Chapter 7.

Social Security benefits aren't safe from all debt collectors

Many people try to enter retirement with as little debt as possible, but that isn't always a viable options. Sometimes, debts actually occur in retirement, especially when medical issues arise. For those who rely on Social Security as a source of income, whether or not debt collectors can take these payments can be a concern.

Preparing a script for dealing with debt collector calls

Seeking legal avenues for debt relief is one of the best ways to deal with debt collector calls, but while the system does its work, you might be dealing with constant calls. Letting calls go to voicemail is often a tactic people use, but when you pick up the phone to find a debt collector on the other end, being prepared can help you avoid a stress-based mistake.

Understanding the relationship between bankruptcy and foreclosure

A complex relationship exists between bankruptcy and home ownership. Individuals can maintain ownership of home while going through bankruptcy. While it's definitely the emotional decision many want to make -- to hang onto homes -- it's not always the best legal or financial decision.

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