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April 2016 Archives

Sleeping better while dealing with debt

May is Better Sleep Month, and we bet that almost anyone could use a few more hours of quality sleep every week. If you are dealing with major debt issues, though, sleep can be allusive. Anxiety about money can keep you up at night, and being tired during the day can lead to making mistakes or poor financial decisions that increase your money-related anxiety.

Common reasons people don't file bankruptcy

While we'll never tell you that bankruptcy is an easy, quick fix to your financial problems, we will tell you the truth: Sometimes, bankruptcy is the best option for a more stable financial future. For most people, bankruptcy works best when it truly is the right option for the situation and the individual or household is willing to do the work to make changes in how money is managed in the future.

Understanding mortgage reinstatements

If you are dealing with a debt crisis, chances are you've fallen behind on some of your payments. Many times, households skip the mortgage payment one month because those funds can be used to stave off several other accounts. This tactic can quickly backfire, though, because once you start missing mortgage payments it can be very difficult to catch up.

Take time to learn about credit

April is a lot of things: It's the month of showers that traditionally heralds the flowers of spring. It's national Autism Awareness month. It's the last month to file tax returns on time without an extension. But did you know that April is also Financial Literacy Month?

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