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July 2016 Archives

When money woes impede your happiness

August 8 is Happiness Happens Day, and the Secret Society of Happy People promotes happiness awareness during the entire month. While everyone knows that you can't be happy every minute of every day, the Society says that you can have more happiness in your life.

Federal Reserve probably won't raise rates soon

The Federal Reserve has some control over how much you pay to finance your credit card debt. It sets the federal funds rate, which impacts how much interest is charged on credit cards with a variable interest. When the federal funds rate goes up, the cost of holding a credit card balance does the same.

Are you medical bill savvy?

Medical bills aren't an expense that every person has to deal with right now, but they are certainly a potential expense for almost anyone in the United States. Even if you have insurance, you could end up owing thousands of dollars out of pocket if you face a large medical crisis, so it's helpful to know what to do when medical bills hit your mailbox.

Debt-relief options outside of payday loans

When debts are stacking up and income just doesn't equal the outgoing expenses, individuals and families can feel forced into making what seem like desperate decisions. Online articles tell you to simply buckle down and things will get better. Stop buying extra coffee out, say these articles, and put that $5 a day toward debt or savings. But what if you aren't spending that extra money and things still aren't evening out on the budget?

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