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September 2016 Archives

Are you ineligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Before deciding to use Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it's wise to consider the situations in which a person is deemed ineligible to use this option to discharge one's debt. In some cases, while you may be ineligible right now, you may become eligible again in the future, so understanding your position can help you know how and when to file.

Is it wise for millennials to avoid credit cards?

Millennials (adults 35 and younger) are less likely to have credit cards. If they do, they have lower amounts of credit card debt than people in their parents' generation. In fact, according to a survey by Bankrate, while 35 percent of people in their 30s and older don't have a credit card, nearly two-thirds of people between 18 to 29 don't have one.

You don't have to deal with aggressive creditor phone calls

Did you know that you don't have to deal with creditors threatening you or phoning you all hours of the day? While creditors do have a right to contact you about any debts you owe them, they are governed by fairly strict laws with regard to when they can call and what they can do and say when they make contact. A first step to handling an aggressive creditor situation is understanding those laws and asserting your consumer rights.

The four 'ings' of debt management

If you're tired of living without a full understanding of your financial situation or feel like every penny earned simply disappears into a black hole, then you might want to consider following the four 'ings' of debt management. The steps are: budgeting, negotiating, prioritizing and paying down.

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