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November 2016 Archives

Stark difference between men's and women's credit card debt

Statistics from MarketWatch reveal some important difference between the debt habits of men and women. According to the finance news website, women on average hold a higher Experian credit score of 675 than men. Meanwhile, the average score for men is 670.

What can a Chapter 7 lawyer help you with?

A Chapter 7 divorce lawyer can help you pursue relief from the debt challenges that are plaguing you. One of the the most important benefits of Chapter 7, which is also commonly referred to as "liquidation," is the fact that it can help a King County-area debtor eliminate the most varieties of debts. However, through the Chapter 7 process, a bankruptcy lawyer can also do the following things for a person suffering from debt problems:

Tips for getting a home loan after debt troubles

The United States has been experiencing a tremendous economic recovery in recent years, and some individuals who suffered from severe debt problems during the recession may be feeling confident to try and purchase a home. Fortunately, even if you filed for bankruptcy in the recent past, there's hope. If you have filed for bankruptcy or even gone through foreclosure proceedings, this article will provide some tips to help you purchase your dream home.

Resolve your payday loans once and for all

Payday loan companies are one of the most challenging realities of modern society. There are thousands of families who have fallen into the financial traps of payday loan companies due to no fault of their own. These companies prey on low-income individuals and families in our communities by taking advantage of their difficult economic circumstances.

Be careful of student loan debt

It's always been more difficult for non-college graduates to secure a well-paying job. For this reason, many college students take the risk of taking out a loan in order to get their education, because a college degree used to lead to higher paying work and a chance to pay off the debt. However, these days, many college graduates feel like it's difficult for them to secure well-paying jobs.

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