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What Can Bankruptcy Do For Me?
What Can Bankruptcy Do For Me?

What can a Chapter 7 lawyer help you with?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2016 | Chapter 7

A Chapter 7 divorce lawyer can help you pursue relief from the debt challenges that are plaguing you. One of the the most important benefits of Chapter 7, which is also commonly referred to as “liquidation,” is the fact that it can help a King County-area debtor eliminate the most varieties of debts. However, through the Chapter 7 process, a bankruptcy lawyer can also do the following things for a person suffering from debt problems:

— Chapter 7, through its “automatic stay” provision, will put a stop to creditor harassment once and for all. That means, no calls at work, no calls to relatives and especially no calls to you asking for money.

— Chapter 7 also protects debtors from garnishment lawsuits and other proceedings to try and collect monies owed through the court system.

— You may end up wth a better credit rating after Chapter 7 than after Chapter 13. This is because with Chapter 7, you can start reestablishing your credit much faster than Chapter 13 which is a longer multi-year bankruptcy process.

— If you’ve been through foreclosure, and you still have remaining home debt, you can usually discharge it through Chapter 7 proceedings.

— Chapter 7 can resolve money owed after being in an accident as an uninsured driver. This can help you get your driver’s license back if it was suspended due to your inability to pay.

As you can see, there are many benefits to Chapter 7 outside of just resolving your debt. If you have more questions about Chapter 7, you may wish to speak with a bankruptcy attorney further about your questions.

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