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January 2017 Archives

Credit card debt interest rates to rise in 2017

Rising credit card interest rates in 2017 mean that financial institutions will make more money this year. At this time, consumer credit card debt is just below $992.4 billion in the United States. The Federal Reserve already increased interest rates by 0.25 percent, and three more rate hikes are expected this year.

Supreme Court case focuses on expired debt and debt collection

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments last Tuesday regarding debt collection tactics employed during the bankruptcy process. Some debt collectors are requesting very old debts that have long expired to be paid in bankruptcy proceedings. They have been asking for payment on old debts that, under local state laws, are non-collectible.

Bankruptcy in history: What is the origin of bankruptcy?

The ability to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and have one's financial slate -- for all intents and purposes -- wiped clean could feel like a miracle to those who benefit from the process. This certainly begs the question: What is the origin of bankruptcy and how did this legal option come to exist in our current system of laws?

The snowball debt payoff method: Here's how to do it

Bankruptcy is not always the most appropriate way to resolve outstanding debt. For example, if an individual's debt is not too much in comparison to his or her income, a bankruptcy lawyer might recommend another kind of debt resolution strategy. The snowball credit card debt payoff method is one such alternative way to rapidly pay off your credit card debt.

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