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March 2018 Archives

Paying taxes with your credit card is a bad idea

Just like any kind of unforeseen expense, getting a surprisingly large tax bill can really set you back financially. For this reason, many Washington residents will simply pay their taxes on their credit cards with the idea of paying the money back later. The problem is, for some, paying taxes with a credit card results in a never-ending debt issue.

Now is the time to get your credit card debt under control

A small increase in the Federal Reserve's interest rates could have a dramatic effect on the American public -- especially those who are carrying consumer credit-card debt. As it stands, WalletHub reveals that United States consumers are holding on to a lot of credit card debt at the moment and the problem is only getting worse -- to the tune of $92 billion worth of extra debt accrued last year.

Can bankruptcy prevent my home foreclosure?

The last thing any homeowner wants to happen is foreclosure. The fears associated with this process are even worse if your spouse and children live with you in your home. That said, there are many people who have delayed and prevented their foreclosure proceedings through a strategic bankruptcy filing. Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be particularly useful to homeowners in this regard as it's a way to restructure your debt, giving you some breathing room and making it affordable to get back on financial track again.

The 10 credit card commandments: Follow them or fall into debt

There are few rules of the road when using credit cards: Call them the 10 Credit Card Commandments, if you will. When you follow them, you'll stay out of debt. When you break them, you run the risk of your debt situation getting terribly out of control. Here are 10 mistakes you need to avoid in this regard:

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