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April 2018 Archives

When should you file for bankruptcy?

Deciding when bankruptcy is appropriate for your debt situations may be a difficult decision to make. Especially if you ask around to your friends who have tried bankruptcy, you could get different answers, making it hard for you to see your choices clearly.

Fix your credit score after Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Every person's credit score will be affected in some way or another following Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings. In most cases, those effects will be negative and damaging to your credit for a period of up to seven years. However, a bad credit score doesn't mean you'll be barred from building up your credit rating.

Should I freeze my credit card in a block of ice?

When it comes to spending control, many American consumers may find it difficult to keep themselves from whipping out their plastic and buying something frivolous or unnecessary. For this reason, creative credit card owners have invented a host of ideas to help them control their spending impulses. There a few that might surprise you with how well they work.

Washington state bankruptcy exemptions: 3 things to remember

If you're filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may already know that a lot of your personal property will be exempt from liquidation. This means that your bankruptcy proceedings will not leave you debt-free and possessionless. If bankruptcy works the right way, you should emerge from the proceedings with the essentials you require to live your life and do your job, while getting to keep various items that are essential to your life.

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