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What does psychology say about my credit card debt habit?

Credit cards are valuable and useful when we use them responsibly. They can provide a first line of defense against an emergency financial need. They offer us convenience when making online purchases, and they allow us to skip carrying cash when we're out on the town. Nevertheless, according to one psychologist, credit cards are dangerous psychologically.

How often can I file for bankruptcy?

The waiting time that bankruptcy filers must endure before they can file again -- after a previously successful bankruptcy -- depends on a variety of circumstances, including the type of bankruptcy they filed for in their previous debt dissolution processes. If you have filed for bankruptcy in the past, and you're in debt trouble again, here's some general information you need to know in terms of wait times:

Do I have too much credit card debt?

Credit card debt can quickly grow from being a general nuisance into a full-blown financial catastrophe very quickly. However, when you're trying to evaluate how much credit card debt is "too much," you might not have a point of basis for comparison. That's exactly what this article intends to provide.

Can a creditor take my personal assets?

If you're in the midst of a devastating debt situation and you haven't been making your monthly payments, the creditor can actually sue you to collect your unpaid debt. In these cases, the creditor can pursue an enforceable court judgment against you by proving that you have failed to pay a specific amount owed. If the creditor files such a lawsuit, you can fight it in court. If you fail to contest the matter, the judge may automatically rule against you.

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