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What to keep in mind when filing for bankruptcy for medical debts

Health care costs here in the United States are staggering. Annual medical costs hover just over $10,345 per person here. It's no wonder that one of the leading reasons why individuals file for bankruptcy here in Washington and elsewhere in the United States is because of their unpaid medical bills. If you're struggling to pay off your medical debts, then you may want to explore what bankruptcy can and cannot do for your situation.

What are self-help debt remedies, and what comes after them?

If you purchase something using a store credit card or receive services that you don't pay for, then it's likely that the Washington company that you did business with will call you or send you invoices in the mail to try to get you to pay up. If you don't bring your account current, then your creditor will likely turn your account over to a collection agency to try to collect what you owe. These are both examples of self-help remedies that creditors pursue.

What items are exempt under the bankruptcy code in Washington?

If you're preparing to or have already filed for bankruptcy, then you may assume that all of your property is subject to being inventoried and liquidated to pay off your creditors. This isn't the case though. Certain items qualify for bankruptcy exemptions under Washington state law. If you have any of these personal property items, then you may be allowed to keep them.

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