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Struggling with debt? Our law firm can help you

Some Washington residents who are facing extreme financial problems can seek relief through filing for bankruptcy. Often a foreclosure can be halted and the family home saved. However, even when that is no longer a realistic possibility, filing for consumer bankruptcy can eliminate the possibility of creditors pursuing collection efforts after a property is lost to foreclosure.

News shows that debt relief is good for your health

Do you think that bankruptcy law is only relevant to your financial future? Think again. A new study shows that bankruptcy protection actually leads to longer lives for those who are afforded additional help. Washington residents who are denied the benefits of bankruptcy protection may live shorter, less-fulfilling lives; all the more reason for our government representatives to push for increased measures to provide debt relief for those who need it.

What documents do I need to obtain debt relief?

Those who are thinking about filing for bankruptcy are probably aware that this is not a minor financial matter with negligible consequences. Bankruptcy in Washington is a big decision that can affect your daily life by making borrowing more difficult. However, debt relief through bankruptcy can be the best financial option for some Washington residents.

Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell seeks debt relief

One might think that a child star who earns a high salary might be financially secure for life. However, younger actors who find themselves flush with cash can still end up suffering financial hardships that require debt relief, just like those of us who are not celebrities. A prime example of this situation involves the news that a former Nickelodeon star is seeking bankruptcy protection in connection with his own financial woes.

Debt relief needed for young, overtaxed families

Scores of young Americans are suffering from financial burdens including student loan debt, mortgage and car loans, and even overdue medical expenses. Even though the economy appears to be on the upswing, it can still be difficult for young Washington residents to make ends meet, especially when they have been spending above their means. For these individuals and families, debt relief is a critical topic that can make the difference between a bright future and one fraught with financial instability.

Your credit will take a hit, but bankruptcy is still helpful

When someone chooses to file for bankruptcy, regardless of what kind of filing, their credit score is going to take a hit. It is merely an unavoidable side effect of the process -- and while that may sound disastrous, remember that your credit score can be rebuilt over time.

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