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A 3-step process to getting out of credit card debt

We all want to get out of credit card debt, but the idea can seem daunting. There are some things that you can do, however, which will help you get out of debt over time. The following three-step process can work, if you have a steady income, if you're diligent and if you stick to the process without wavering over time.

Why you should use your tax return to pay your credit card debt

If you are like many Americans, you probably have some amount of credit card debt that you're carrying, and you need to make payments on that debt every month. If something happens that results in a break in your income, you could find yourself in serious debt trouble fast.

Credit card debt: Let's get real

At the Law Office of Ruth Nelson, we help people overcome their debt problems. Every person has a different story behind their debt difficulties. Some fell into financial problems after losing their jobs. Others had a medical emergency they needed to pay for. That said, the vast majority of people simply lost control of their credit card spending, bought too much and too fast, and they couldn't afford the bill.

What to expect for student loan debt in 2015

Since former students cannot usually erase their educational debt through the bankruptcy process, any news as it relates to student debt, student debt forgiveness and student loans in general is valuable to consider. In 2017, with a Republican-controlled congress and a newly elected Republican president, some news analysts believe that there could be some changes to student loans this year.

Credit card debt interest rates to rise in 2017

Rising credit card interest rates in 2017 mean that financial institutions will make more money this year. At this time, consumer credit card debt is just below $992.4 billion in the United States. The Federal Reserve already increased interest rates by 0.25 percent, and three more rate hikes are expected this year.

The snowball debt payoff method: Here's how to do it

Bankruptcy is not always the most appropriate way to resolve outstanding debt. For example, if an individual's debt is not too much in comparison to his or her income, a bankruptcy lawyer might recommend another kind of debt resolution strategy. The snowball credit card debt payoff method is one such alternative way to rapidly pay off your credit card debt.

American consumer credit card debt getting higher

According to a recent study, American consumer credit card debt is higher than ever. The reason? According to the study, it appears that the cost of living has been increasing while incomes have not been increasing in time. This has been a trend for the last 13 years.

Stark difference between men's and women's credit card debt

Statistics from MarketWatch reveal some important difference between the debt habits of men and women. According to the finance news website, women on average hold a higher Experian credit score of 675 than men. Meanwhile, the average score for men is 670.

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